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Seriously fast, seriously fuel efficient, seriously offshore - that is how Orca Tube Craft are designed & built.

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Commercial Watercraft Specification

The Specification: With marine grade alloy (MGA 5083 & 6082) tubes from 660mm to 1200mm diameter, offering a cruising speed of 42 knots and a top speed of 64 knots. Choice of inboard engines with stern drives or outboard motors. The Orca Tube Craft can handle a sea state from Beaufort Force 3 with the smallest tubes and up to Force 6 with the largest diameter tubes. Each tube comprises a series of individual, water-tight sections for maximum safety and for optional storage of fuels and or engine cooling water. In military applications the tubes may be foam-filled to ensure buoyancy in direct-conflict scenarios.

Commercial Possibilities

Orca Tube Craft are multi-purpose watercraft with endless commercial possibilities. They can be employed as: Water Taxis (for up to 200 passengers), Fast Inter Island Cargo delivery, Super Yacht servicing, Barging, Military & Customs, Interdiction Craft, Emergency Services Aid & Rescue, Geodetic Survey, Salvage, Dive Craft and self-contained Houseboats. As you would expect from a watercraft with such varied commercial possibilities, they are fully ISCS insurable!

On-Water Performance

With inboard diesels the Orca Tube Craft on-water performance is outstanding: carrying sufficient fuel inside the tubes to give a time between refueling stops of 44hours; a range of 1800 nautical miles; and, fuel consumption < 23 ltr/hour. That is equivalent to a round-trip Manila to Davao and back to Manila, with a payload of 18,000Kg, without refueling!


There are no better watercraft available for large payload, fast transit and low fuel consumption, inshore/offshore transport. Find out more . . .

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