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by Orca Marine Inc.

Orca Tube Craft: Boats Platforms Docks

Orca Marine Inc. a Philippine company, MARINA endorsed for Boat Building, Class A1. We Pioneer / Design marine grade alloy tube craft and docking systems that are certified for, offshore, commercial, military and private operations by the International Ship Classification Societies (ISCS).

Orca Marine products cover boats, helipads and docking structures that will out-perform any competitive technology, both in price and performance.

private tube craft

Private Boats

commercial tube craft

Commercial Boats

marina dock platforms

Marina Dock / Helipad

Orca Tube Craft / multi purpose Systems are AS BUILT with marine grade alloys [6082-5083- SEALIUM] to meet ISCS standards.

Orca Tubes / Pontoons are rugged, fast, most economical, with no flat surface contact, incorporated with the inherent buoyancy this aspect provides enhanced comfort with exceptional stability.

Marine grade alloy tubes are offered in sizes up to 1.5 metres diameter, depending on the size of the craft or pontoon and its intended use. Utilizing the watertight bulkheads Orca Tube Craft can be supplied with integral water tanks and fuel tanks. If an inboard diesel engine is required then the cooling water can be fully fresh water if desired, fed from/to one or more of the watertight bulkheads.

Apart from the long life rugged performance of Orca Tube Craft, their greatest claim to fame is speed and fuel efficiency. Imagine a water-taxi that can comfortably fly your passengers across the waves at 40 knots, using only two outboard motors.

Orca Tube Craft pontoon platforms have also been designed / "As Built' to perform as fixed loading docks, removable loading docks, helipads.

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